I'll try to answer some of the questions I'm frequently asked about my goal to set a new Guinness World Record. If your question is not answered below, please contact me!


What inspired you to do this?

I've always wanted to do something no one else has done.


How long will it take?

It will be approximately 14 hours of flying (16 hours total time).


What is the current world record for the most visited airports in one day?

87 airports held by two pilots in the United Kingdom


Can you do a "touch and go" or do you need to do a full-stop landing?

It must be a full-stop landing at every airport.


How many times will you need to stop for fuel?

3, possibly 4.


How many witnesses does your flight require? Can I help?

I will need approximately 12-15 people to act as witnesses. Each witness will sign up for a time slot to monitor a website to see how my progress is going. If you would like to be a witness, please contact me!


What do you have to do at each stop?

I have to ensure the airplane comes to a complete stop. Then, I will need to take a photo of the airplane with a recognizable feature of the airport. I will not need to get out of the airplane so to save time, I will take the photos from inside of the airplane.


When will your world record be official?

It takes approximately 12 weeks after the attempt for the world record to be official (after all of the evidence has been reviewed).


What's the first thing you're going to do after you make your final landing back home?

Take a couple days off...


How will you eat?

I'll "eat on the fly", pun intended.


Can I interview you for a news story?

Sure! That would be awesome! Please contact me to set up a time.